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Share information

To share information about a sawfish catch or observation or to report a dead or injured sawfish, click here, or call 844-4-sawfish.

Information about the Endangered Species Act (ESA)

For information about Endangered Species Act protection for sawfish or current management regulation, click here.

Report an ESA violation

To report a violation of the ESA such as the mishandling or killing of a sawfish, or the illegal sale or possession of a sawfish or sawfish parts, click here or call 844-4-sawfish.

Donate a rostrum sample

If you have seen or own a sawfish rostrum (or saw) and are willing to donate a small sample for DNA research, click here.


NOAA Fisheries Smalltooth Sawfish

Downloadable Sawfish Sign-This sign can be posted at boat ramps, piers, docks, marinas, waterfront parks, bait and tackle shops, and dive centers. Signs may be posted voluntarily or as a requirement of a Section 7 Consultation.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Sawfish Research

See-a-Saw sawfish rostrum genetics project

Sawfish Conservation Society

IUCN Shark Specialist Group Conservation Strategies for Sawfish


Ocean Today
This video explains NOAA’s recovery plan to help save this endangered species.

Sawfish Recovery
This video looks at smalltooth sawfish recovery in the United States in 2018 (15 years after its listing under the Endangered Species Act).

PBS Changing Seas
This video explains why habitat loss and overfishing greatly reduced the range of smalltooth sawfish and landed them on the endangered species list in 2003.