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The ultimate goal of the Endangered Species Act listing is to recover the population to the point that it no longer needs the protections of the ESA. Therefore, after the listing, NMFS convened the Smalltooth Sawfish Recovery Team to develop a plan to recover the US smalltooth sawfish population. The team worked several years to build additional knowledge of the species and to identify the most severe threats to the population. The recovery plan was published in 2009 and recommends specific steps to recover the
population, focusing on (1) educating the public to minimize human interactions with sawfish and any associated injury and mortality, (2) protecting and/or restoring important sawfish habitats, and (3) ensuring sawfish abundance and distribution increase. After the plan was published, NMFS assembled the Smalltooth Sawfish Recovery Implementation Team, a multi-institutional panel of experts working to implement the recovery plan—protecting the remaining sawfish population in the U.S. while rebuilding the population.

Smalltooth Sawfish Recovery Implementation Team

Adam Brame

NOAA Sawfish Recovery Coordinator

NOAA Fisheries

Tonya Wiley

Team Leader

Havenworth Coastal Conservation

John Carlson

NOAA Fisheries